Midlife Crisis, Transitions & Transformations

Sometime between 45 and 65, you may find that you have been brought up short by big changes in your life.  Has an important relationship ended, have you gotten laid off from your job, or have you – or someone close to you – gotten sick? Or have the signs of aging, a decline in ambition and a persistent feeling that you are just going through the motions making you wonder what life is all about? Is this a midlife crisis?

A crisis during midlife may be a necessary step toward discovery of inner creative resources that can bring renewal to the second half of life.

While initially these losses can be stressful, difficult or painful, these steps away from the past can lead to a future of increased personal fulfillment and enhanced joy in living.  It is truly an opportunity for tremendous personal growth, a pilgrimage of healing.

Though it might not feel like it, at midlife you have a profound opportunity for transformation and becoming who you were truly born to be, free from whatever has obligated and encumbered you during the first half of your adult life. The so-called “midlife crisis” heralds the spiritual awakening that can come at the end of a long period of struggle as an adult, ushering us into a second half of life that transcends all prior expectations and imaginings.


Spiritual Psychology & Counseling

Spiritual refers to the experience of wholeness and integration, irrespective of religious belief or affiliation. Spiritual health and issues of spiritual growth are usually concerned with value, meaning and purpose.

Transpersonal  psychotherapy is an area of psychology that combines Eastern wisdom  with Western Science. It is a therapeutic approach with a growth oriented intention and tools for enhancing awareness. It recognizes and accepts the value of spiritual experiences and related phenomenon, states and stages of consciousness and growth and development beyond conventional levels. There can sometimes be difficult Spiritual emergence or emergency, inner transformations, and changes that need support for integration.


Integral Coaching & Personal Growth

Integral Coaching is a tool for transformational change. Integral” means inclusive of everything, entire, complete, whole. So, at its deepest root, Integral Coaching® refers to a way of coaching that is whole, complete and integrated. An integral approach brings about change that endures over time, beyond the term of a coaching contract.

The emphasis here focuses on current life issues in all domains: health, work, relationships, well-being, self actualization, wholeness and positive human possibilities.  We will create a safe container for all of who you are and all you are wanting to become.

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